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Sorry I've been M.I.A. for Awhile

Hey sorry I've been a little flaky lately, as I said before on Facebook, I've had a lot of personal stuff going on so please forgive me and I hope to see you at Inland Empire Pagan Pride this weekend. Mimsy Borogoves will be there as usual, this year with guest artist Kc Johnson!

May 31st Midnight WebsiteRe-launch and Online Store Grand Opening

The total overhaul of my website and online store has proven to be a greater undertaking than I originally thought it would be, so I will be taking the next week to continue working on the website and am concentrating on the online store for now so that it can open at midnight as scheduled with new items to be added throughout the day. The special item code that was given to customers at the Bats Day Black Market and Tiki Caliente will work until midnight on June 1st.